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About Wanda

We are a technology & logistics start-up delivering space as a service in an ultra convenient and affordable way making extra space available to everyone, anytime.

We are passionate about creating a service that gives people more room for the things in life that they really care about - family, a nice place to work, your favourite sporting gear or those memories which are so important to you.

A sustainable business model is at the core of what we do. Real estate & construction stand for 40% of energy related CO2 emissions. Increasing the utilization of existing buildings is one of the most effective ways to reduce future C02 emissions. Wanda uses technology and logistics to transform unused space into efficient & sustainable storage facilities.

To build compact & sustainable cities we need to increase the efficiency of how we use our resources and space - Wanda will facilitate this. In addition the circular economy is one of the most powerful tools in combating climate change with potential impact equal to the electrification of the entire transportation sector; Wanda will provide easy solutions for our customers to be able to take back control of their things and prolong the lives of their assets.

Together with our partners and investors we are building this business from scratch with an aim to bring our venture into the world. With 6 nationalities already represented on our team we nurture a working culture that is diverse, open and execution driven. We celebrate what we complete, not what we start.

Fun is another important value for people at Wanda. We like to work with other passionate and talented entrepreneurs, and while we think that building a business from scratch is fun - trips to the Oslo archipelago, Warsaw parks, events (digital these days) and enjoying Wanda personalities expressing themselves makes it even better!