About Wanda and our mission

Access to space, when you need it

More and more people are settling in the city. But prices are high, space limited for the masses and fewer of us are choosing to own our own car. Paradoxically, there are quite a few industrial spaces that are vacant, many of them for years. These can be utilised better, where we make them available to people or companies with a shortage of space. Whether it’s seasonal, for hobbies, life events or simply due to a desire for greater flexibility in daily life. Wanda picks up your belongings at home and returns them when you need them. This is our way to help give access to the space you need, in an increasingly crowded city.

More than just a technology and logistics company

We develop systems that make space available to everyone. We don’t own our own buildings but utilise vacant facilities in the city. That’s great for the environment too! We combine this with a digital service that lets you easily enter the items you wish to store and then schedule a pick-up or return time.

Our team consists of people from 10 different countries. A unique quality when developing and refining our service, week by week. Wanda was launched in 2020 by Øystein Løseth, Yves Hwang, Predrag Popovic, Mathias Hovet and Lars Syse Christiansen.

A small footprint means lower prices

A more sustainable approach to storage is at the core of what we do. Building and property development are responsible for about 40% of energy-related CO2 emissions. But Wanda doesn't invest in expensive real estate. Instead, we focus on developing technology and services on top of existing capcity.

By using existing buildings, relying on electric vehicles and locally produced and 100% recyclable packaging, we do our best to leave as small a footprint as possible. By adopting a circular mindset, we aim to improve the utilisation of the resources already available, as well as serve as an important reminder to take care of what we already own.

Who can benefit from Wanda?

Whether storing a few boxes, or hundreds of pallets, we help provide the space needed for both private and commercial customers. To make this process even easier, we offer convenient booking, payment, transport and carrying services — even on-demand delivery of packaging material.

Our customers include students, families, seniors and companies, both small and large. Wanda takes the guesswork out of determining how many square metres you need or having to arrange pick-up and delivery services. You only pay for what you store – no more, no less. It doesn’t get any easier.

Why we do it

“Amazingly effective and affordable. Professional in every way. Wanda really came to our rescue this winter!”

Sissel from Sagene, Oslo

Free up valuable space with Wanda

We pick up and store your belongings at your convenience. Affordable, safe and simple. Banishing the clutter has never been easier!