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Get more space! We pickup, store and return your items

On-demand pickup
Insured by If
Pay per item from 15 kr

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New! Repair your ski/snowboard with Wanda and XXL

Get your ski/snowboard ready for next winter. Book maintenance while scheduling a pick up to store them during summer.

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  • From 399kr
  • Ready for delivery from Dec 1st 2022

Affordable on-demand storage

Don't pay for unused space. Pay per item, efficient logistics and simple booking give lower prices to you as a customer. Win-win!



Store for 15 kr/month

  • Wanda’s or another box
  • Max. 25kg per item

Common items people store:

  • Cardboard box
  • Bag
  • Plastic box
  • Oda box
Small item

Small item

Store for 25 kr/month

  • Can carried by 1 person
  • Max. 35kg per item

Common items people store:

  • Lamp
  • Small table
  • Bicycle
  • Tires
  • Skis
Large item

Large item

Store for 95 kr/month

  • Can carried by 2 persons
  • Max. 60kg per item

Common items people store:

  • Chest of drawers
  • 2-seater sofa
  • Armchair

Shop quality packaging with next-day delivery

Your Wanda account gives you access to our shop with good and affordable packaging material and fast shipping.

  • Next day delivery to your doorstep
  • High-quality and reusable
  • Recyclable products

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Safe, secure and modern storage

Reclaim your living space. Wanda reimagines storage.

  • Only pay for items you store
  • Pickup daytime and evenings
  • Storage move-in help
  • Unlimited safe storage space
  • Returns within 48 hours
  • Insurance covered by If Skadeforsikring

How Wanda works

Create an account an add items

Create an account an add items

A Wanda-account is free. Simply add the items you want stored by first uploading a photo to your items catalogue.

Book free pickup at home

Book a pickup at home

We will pick up and move your items into storage at your convenience. No more need for cars or trailers to get to storage.

Effortlessly returned within 48 hours

Effortlessly returned from 48 hours

Your items are insured by IF, and are stored safely in a well temperature and humidity monitored location. Conveniently request any of your items back to your door step at anytime.

Like cloud storage for your things

Create a free Wanda-account and reclaim precious space and at the same time get an overview of your belongings, whether they are at home or in storage.

  • Quick and easy account-creation
  • Add things quickly with a photo
  • Full overview of things at home vs. storage
  • Always available at your fingertips
  • Easy ordering of pick-ups and returns

Frequently asked questions

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