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So convenient, lots of service options, and a good price. What a lovely service! Thanks!

Mischa A. May 2023

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We´ll pick up the item at your place and store it until it's sold. After collecting, we'll drive to our warehouse, take pictures and create a listing on Wanda's Finn account.

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Edvard in Trondheim got his bike serviced for the start of the season


Unni bought a newly drycleaned sofa and got it delivered home


Anne from Nordstand repaired the jacket of the four-year-old


Lise at Tåsen uses Wanda as an extra storage room


Ulrik got his snowboard prepped before a trip to the Alps


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The perfect solution when you’re having an apartment viewing!
The perfect solution when you’re having an apartment viewing!

Hege 37 and her family were in the process of buying a new home and had a viewing of the old apartment.

- "With two small children, we had completely underestimated the work of preparing the apartment for viewing. Fortunately, we found Wanda who quickly and easily collected and stored our things so that we could carry out a stress-free viewing"

Your making a difference

We save the planet more CO2 than we emit in 2023!

Several 1000 items have been repaired

All our cars run on electricity

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