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Listen to what our customers have to say about it

Fantastic for us with no car!

Seemless service for someone like me that does not own a car! Very simple to register one’s thing, pick up and delivery of things occured correctly and on time. The guys that came over were nice and service-minded.

- Calle F

Small apartment

Amazing solution for people in compact-living, especially in Stockholm. Being able to store away things like christmas decoration frees up a lot of valuable space.

- Sofia S

Pack away the seasons!

I got my bike back from you guys the other day and am super pleased with both storage and the bike-service I ordered, it feels like new! 🙂

- Simon H

Don’t carry things yourself

Two lovely guys came and carried all the things I wanted to store away to the car. It was super simple to book a pick up and the customer experience was a dream. I am retired and can’t carry that much. My warmest recommendations.

- Andreas B

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World class warehouses

Our warehouses are:
Humidity monitoring
Video surveillance
Insured by IF

Your things are stored in our secured, temperated and dry warehouses where only Wanda staff has access. All warehouses are equipped with modern surveillance systems.

You can find us in:

We help you take care of your things

Flexible storage

We come to you

Maintenance by pros

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How to Wanda

  1. Open an account

    With your account you can book pick-ups, deliveries and maintenance on your things. You also get access to our packaging shop.

  2. Add your things - 3 price categories

    Add the things you want to store in the app. Simple and flexible - we know exactly what to pick up.

  3. Book pick-up to your door

    Choose the things you want to be picked up by us. We arrive when it suits you. Day, evening and weekeends. We carry and pack if you need us to.

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3 price categories for storage - always best price guarantee

Wanda takes care of your things, until you want to have them back, share or sell them

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Box & Bag 15 kr/month

Store everything from seasonal clothes, sports equipment or Christmas decorations


Medium 25 kr/month

Everything from lamps, dining chairs or a bicycle

big chair

Large 95 kr/month

Store the sofa that takes up space, or furniture you save for later.


We drive day, evening and weekends

We plan our routes and drive from house to house. It’s efficient logistic for us and good prices for you.

We strive for a greener and more sustainable cities

Less industry, more citylife

Less private cars on the roads

Repair before throwing away

Sell, lend or maitain with Wanda

Visit our store to buy quality packaging. Deliveries the next day!

Create a Wanda-account and order 5 boxes (maximum of 5 free boxes per household). We deliver the next day to your door.

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We pick up and store your things, when it suits you.
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