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Terms & Conditions

1. Parties

Provider Norway: Wanda Group AS (hereafter referred to as "Wanda")

Postal address: Youngstorget 3, 0181, Oslo

Email: hello@wanda.space

Organisation number: 921 245 300

Provider Sweden: Wanda Sweden AB (hereafter referred to as "Wanda" if not otherwise is stated)

Postal address: Malmskillnadsgatan 32, 111 51, Stockholm

Email: hej@wanda.space

Organisation number: 559262-3044

These terms & conditions regulate the use of the services Wanda provides to the user. The user is either a person or company that registers its name, contact information and creates a user account with Wanda. A user is a person who is a customer or who operates on behalf of a legal person who is a customer. The user must be above 18 years of age and must have accepted these terms of use in the registration process when  creating an account. The user also consents to Wanda's Privacy Policy when  creating  an account.

2. Description of the service

Wanda provides a service for the storage and transportation of items and other related services. Wanda may also offer services on behalf of other service providers. In these cases the terms and conditions for the other service provider may apply. The service is operated through a website and web application containing all user details and other information about the service. These terms of use are available both in the web application and on the website www.wanda.space.

The service consists of a portal / personal website for the individual user that provides an overview of all the customer's registered items, the status of these and more.

Wanda can define its geographical service area by its own discretion. Service outside such areas can be provided on request.

3. Ordering

Instructions to place orders are at any time stated in the service.

The user is responsible for giving the correct information during the booking of an order. If information is not correct, Wanda has the right to cancel or partially execute the order.

The user is self responsible for the order to be correct in terms of quantities, pictures, item category.  If the items are not the same as documented by the user inside the service Wanda has the right to remove items from the order, or cancel the order.  Wanda has also the right to add items to the order, if agreed upon with the user.

When items are added to the service or order the user is responsible for selecting the correct item category given in the service. Wanda has the right to change the item category, reject  items or reject orders if the initial order contains items with incorrect item category.  Definitions of item category are given in the service and on Wanda.space.

Wanda has different lead times based on the quantity of items and/or the item categories in any given order. If the order is changed the lead time may change.

The user will receive an order confirmation within 24 hours of Wanda receiving the order. If an order is made on a Friday, weekend, or public holiday, the order confirmation will be received by the user no later than 16.00 the following working day.

4. User account

The user account must contain the user’s name, address, telephone number, email address and payment information. The user is responsible for filling in the correct information.

In the event of suspected abuse of the user account, Wanda has the right to close the account and terminate the agreement with immediate effect.

5. Prices

Prices for storage, transportation or other services are stated in Wanda.space and in the web application. All prices are inclusive of VAT. Prices are subject to change. If prices on recurring payments, such as subscriptions, are subject to change, Wanda will notify the user 2 months ahead of the price change taking effect.

For some orders and or subscriptions a minimum payment periode may apply.

Wanda has different transportation and carrying prices based on the quantity of items and/or the item category. If the order is changed the transportation and/or carrying price per item might change.

Due to limitations in our payment system a user can only use 1 discount code per active subscription.

6. Payment

When ordering a pickup , the user initiates a subscription paying for the following month. The subscription price is based on the number of items stored.  The subscription starts the date when the items are picked up by Wanda. If new items are stored in between billing dates, the user will be charged for the new items for the time between the items are stored until the next billing date.  If there are no changes to a subscription in a given month, the customer will be charged one time per month.

Some services like transportation, carrying, packing or other services that are of a one time only nature the user will be charged for separetely.

The subscription terminates when all items have been delivered to the agreed address.

The user can choose from the various payment methods specified in the service. Wanda reserves the right to stop offering a payment method. When placing an order , the user commits to the selected payment method and payment provider's terms of use. Payment information, such as credit card data is not sent to or stored at Wanda. Wanda uses Stripe as our payment provider.

7. Means of storage, items and labelling

The user is free to choose which packing to use (for example, boxes, crates, bags, bubble wrap etc.), unless otherwise stated in the service. The object and means of packaging must withstand being  handled, transported and stored.

Wanda can choose to pack items for the customer if it is deemed necessary. Wanda has the right to charge the customer for this service.

The packaging used by the user shall not have any visible damage, holes or the like that could cause damage to the objects. It must also be securely closed.

The user is responsible for documenting the suitability of the items’ packaging, as well as the condition of the packed items. The user must take pictures of all items and upload them to the website before the items are collected by Wanda. Wanda can control the images, as part of Wanda's quality assurance.

If items are damaged, or need to be repackaged by Wanda, the user will be held responsible and will charged for this service.  Wanda has the right to reject items if they are not sufficiently packed/secured.

Wanda has the right to reject picking up items that are not within the size and/or weight limits for the items.

The user is responsible for disassembling items if needed prior to the pickup. All items shall be prepared for pickup and easily accessible for Wanda´s operators.  Wanda has the right to reject items that do not follow these instructions

The user shall follow the instructions regarding labelling and photography of the packaging and the items given in the service. If the packaging is not labeled according to stated instructions and / or have not been photographed, Wanda can reject the item. In cases where this happens, a fee may apply.

Maximum weight of items are presented on the landing page and in the service.

Wanda can correct the price, or cancel orders, for items that are incorrectly registered or exceeding the maximum weight.

Transport and storage of objects outside stated limits may be provided on request.

See Chapter 10 for an overview of objects etc. that cannot be stored with Wanda.

8. Transportation terms

Transportation is ordered according to the stated time slots. In some cases the date and time for transportation will be given by email, helpscout or through other written communication.

Wanda has two service levels for our transportation service, curbside pickup/delivery and pickup/delivery with carrying.

Curbside pickup or delivery of items is at/or outside the first door in the building. This can be the first entrance of an apartment building, garage door, house etc. Maximum distance to the car is 25 meter. Distances above 25 meters will be charged as transportation with carrying.

It must be expected that larger orders will have longer lead time than orders of a smaller size. Wanda has the right to change the date and time of pickup and or deliveries if this is needed due to capacity constraints. A new date and time will be reached in accordance with the customer.

Wanda has the right to not pick up any item that is deemed to be outside stated weight or  size limits or other limitations stated in the service.  Wanda operators will do an assessment of the safety of handling and transporting the items at the user´s address.  Wanda does not guarantee that we can carry items inside if the address is not the same as the pickup address.

The drivers will call the user on the stated phone number when they are on their way to the pickup or delivery adress. If the user does not answer the phone or on the door the drivers will wait up to five minutes. After five minutes the order will be regarded as a no-show and a no-show fee of 500 NOK/SEK will apply and will be charged from the user´s payment card.

If there would occur any damages to the user´s items during handling, transport and storage, and the items have been packed in accordance with Wanda´s instructions and/or Wanda´s terms, the customer can get compensated up to 50.000 NOK/SEK. See chapter 12 for further details.

Wanda does not recommend storage of items such as antiques, art, highly valuable items or fragile items. Damages to such items will not be compensated.

9. Storage

All items are stored in a suitable storage facility with access control, fire and theft protection. Only personnel from Wanda or certified partners have access to the premises.

Wanda has systems and routines that ensure control and overview of the user's items.
The user does not have the right to retrieve the items stored at Wanda by themselves . If the user needs an item, transport must be ordered for delivery according to the prices and terms given by the service. The user can also contact customer service.

10. Communication

Wanda may  notify  the user about product changes, information about the service, special offers and other marketing activities to the user´s registered email address and phone number. The Customer can unsubscribe to this communication. All communication related to the order is not optional.

11. Limitations

The following items are not allowed to be stored at Wanda:

• Money, coins, bars, bonds /securities and the like

• All kinds of living or dead animals/organisms

• Explosives and easily flammable substances

• Weapons, ammunition or any other hazardous items

• Animal equipment, cages, aquariums or similar

• Biological material and remains

• All foods

• Liquids

• Furs

• Items with a strong smell/odour or that are unclean.

• Tobacco products

• Any item that may be considered dangerous to the transporter, warehouse facility or people working in the warehouse facility.

• All items that are illegal.

The user is responsible for compliance with these restrictions.

The user is responsible for any pests inside boxes, bags etc. Wanda strongly encourages the user to check the inside of boxes and bags etc before packing.

Wanda reserves the right to open the items’ packaging on suspicion of unlawful circumstances, on request from the police or on order from public authorities, on suspicion that the contents of packaging constitute a hazard, or on legitimate suspicion of breach of these terms.

Wanda has the right to, on its full discretion, to return or dispose of and charge for transportation of any item that is not in accordance with these limitations.

Wanda does not recommend storage of items such as antiques, art, highly valuable items or fragile items. Damages to such items will not be compensated.

12. Compensation of damages

Wanda has insured items stored in Wanda's warehouses. In the case of damages the user can get a compensation for values up to 50 000 NOK/SEK. If the user is to receive compensation from Wanda, the user must provide documentation of ownership and value of the item. When calculating the value of an item a discount rate of 15 % per annum from the year of purchase will apply.

Minor surface scratches or the like can appear during handling, even if the items are handled with care. These are not considered as damages that will be compensated.

Wanda does not compensate for any non-visible damages. Wanda does not test the functionality of items at the time of pickup . Wanda, therefore, does not compensate for damage to the internal workings of items, e.g. electronics, items with mechanical parts.

Items stored with Wanda are also normally covered by the user's home insurance or household goods insurance (Norwegian: “innboforsikring”. Swedish: Hemförsäkring)

To receive any compensation the customer must have documented all items and assets stored with Wanda inside the service. Wanda encourages the user to take pictures of the contents inside of their boxes.

13. Changes of terms

Wanda is constantly working to provide better service to its customers and users. This may result in changes to these terms.

14. Breach of terms by Wanda

If the user observe any breach of terms by Wanda the user must notify Wanda within reasonable time and within two months of discovering it. If the service is paid by credit card, the user may also choose to complain and send claims directly to the credit card issuer (the credit card company). The message to the Wanda or credit card provider must be in writing (email or letter).

15. Right of withdrawal

When a user orders a service on the website, the user has a 14-day right of withdrawal in accordance with Norwegian consumer protection laws. This means that users have the right to cancel their order by notifying Wanda within 14 days from the date of order (cancellation deadline).

If the user wishes to cancel the order, the user must send Wanda a message before the cancellation deadline has expired by email (hello@wanda.space) or in the manner stated on Wanda’s website. The user must specify its name, address and other relevant information such as order number and email address in the message. Therefore, in order for the user to be able to exercise the right of withdrawal in time, it is sufficient that the user sends a message that the user intends to exercise the right of withdrawal before the withdrawal period expires.

When the user exercises the right of withdrawal, Wanda will reimburse the amount the user paid for the service, except  the costs the user is obliged to pay. Wanda will reimburse the amount as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days from the date Wanda received a notice of withdrawal. However, Wanda can wait to transfer the refund until the user has received the item, if this has been collected and shipped to Wanda. The refund will be made to the user via the payment option the user has chosen, unless otherwise agreed.

16. Breach of terms by the user and retention rights

In the event that the agreement is terminated by Wanda as a result of the user's breach of contract, including non-payment, Wanda is entitled to charge a fee for the return of the item. Wanda has a right of retention as well as a right to keep all items stored for the user as collateral for unpaid fees or claims.

The user acknowledges that this may result in loss of its ownership of the items and that Wanda has the right to dispose of the items without the user being compensated. The costs associated with such disposal will be billed to the user.

17. Conflict Resolution
Terms of use are regulated by Norwegian law. The venue is Oslo Tingrett.