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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


These terms & conditions regulate the use of buying and selling on Wanda Group AS and Wanda Sweden AB's platform.

To use the service, the Buyer and Seller must register as a user on the Wanda platform. A user is either a person or company that registers its name, and contact information and creates a user account with Wanda. A user is a person who is a customer or who operates on behalf of a legal person who is a customer. The user must be above 18 years of age and must have accepted these terms of use in the registration process when creating an account. The user also consents to Wanda's Privacy Policy when creating an account.

Wanda is a sales agent. Agreements for buying and selling of goods are between Buyers and Sellers on Wanda's platform. Wanda is not a party in this contract.

When a Seller has made a listing using Wanda, any Buyer can buy the listed items(s.) The Seller does not have the right to refuse any purchases made, but can choose to accept or decline any bids.


The Seller can start the sales process for goods that are either at home with the Seller or already at Wanda's warehouses. The sales page will not be active before the item(s) for sale are picked up by Wanda. Please note that the services included may vary between geographies.1. Description of the service & transaction

To sell a product on Wanda, the Seller must create a sales page for the product the Seller wants to sell. The Seller is responsible for giving relevant and accurate information about the item(s) including minimum one photo, Wanda will not add additional information to the sales page. One sales page can be for several items. In cases where a sales page has more than one item, the items must be sold together.

The price of the item is set by the Seller when creating a listing. The Buyer accepts the price when placing a purchase order, or when a bid from the buyer is accepted by the seller.

The Seller pays for the transportation of the item(s) from the Seller's address to Wanda's warehouse. The Buyer pays for the delivery of the item from Wanda's warehouse to the agreed address.

When buying a product, the Buyer will be charged immediately for the purchase and the amount will securely be moved to an account held by Wanda. The Seller will receive the funds from Wanda within 7 days after the product has been purchased to the given bank account unless the Buyer has filed a complaint according to the terms stated in this document.

Both the Buyer and the Seller are responsible for providing the right contact and address information. The Seller must also provide a correct account number when setting up the sales page for transaction transfer.

The Seller must be the owner of the item for sale or must have written confirmation from the owner of the item that can be sold on behalf of the owner. Wanda can demand documentation of ownership, if Wanda sees it fit.

2. Price

As agent for the seller Wanda will charge a 25% commission of the transaction value from the seller - the commission included VAT for the seller agent services. A minimum fee of up to SEK/NOK 400 is applicable.

3. Storage & transportation

For storage & transportation prices Wanda's general terms and conditions apply

4. Receiving and checking goods

When the Buyer has purchased a product from the Seller, the Buyer can order a delivery whenever wanted. The product is registered as delivered when Wanda has handed over the product to the Buyer or a person representing the Buyer.

If the item is in Wanda’s warehouse for more than 30 days, a storage subscription fee will be charged and terms and conditions for storage with Wanda apply.

This applies both to Seller and Buyer, when applicable.

Once the item is received by the Buyer, the Buyer has 24 hours to qualify that the item does not deviate significantly from the description, images or documentation on the sales page. The Buyer is considered to have approved the item 24 hours after the item has been received if Wanda has not received any notification from the Buyer. If the Buyer delays home delivery for more than 5 days from the time of purchase,  Wanda will not be able to process any complaints to the seller on behalf of the Buyer.

Wanda has the right to give the Seller's contact information (phone number and name) to the Buyer in these circumstances if a significant deviation to the sold item is reported.

The following are considered significant deviations:

  • The product does not function as intended and described

  • That a brand is fake but sold as genuine

  • A different product than purchased is delivered

  • That the product is in significantly worse condition than described in the advertisement

  • That the product has a different size than what is stated in the advertisement

  • That there is a suspicion of stolen goods

The Buyer is responsible for any costs incurred to demonstrate that the goods differ significantly from what the parties have agreed upon.

If the complaint is sent within 24 hours after the item(s) is received and less than 7 days after the purchase, the payment to the Seller will be paused.

The Buyer must be able to document with photos, video etc. that the item deviates significantly from what is documented in the sales page. If the Seller or Buyer fails to make a statement within the next 3 days, Wanda will make a decision against the passive party.

If the parties agree on a solution, payment can be initiated again, either in full or divided between the Buyer and the Seller.

5. Complaints

If the Buyer, after receiving the item(s), discovers that the items differ significantly from the description, images or documentation on the sales page, the Buyer must notify Wanda of this within 24 hours after receiving the item(s).

In the event of transport damage or non-delivery of the goods, what is stated in chapter 8 below applies instead.

6. Return of items

If the item(s) shall be returned to Wanda, the parties must themselves pay for the cost respectively. The Buyer must order and pay for the pickup, while the Seller must order and pay for the return from Wanda to the Seller, unless the Seller decides to continue storing the item with Wanda.

In the case of fraudulent behaviour or misconduct / significant misinformation from the Seller,  Wanda has the right to charge the Seller for transportation and reimburse the Buyer for any return costs. Wanda has the right to charge the Seller for the extra cost incurred on Wanda in these circumstances.

Wanda also has the right to send the item(s) back to the Seller and charge the Seller for the cost related to this. The Seller is responsible to make sure that they have entered the correct address and contact information. If Wanda has any extra costs due to an incorrect address or contact information, the Seller can be charged for the extra cost for Wanda.

7. Products that cannot be sold with WandaThe following items are not allowed to be transported by, stored or sold with Wanda:

- Money, coins, bars, bonds/securities and the like

- All kinds of living or dead animals/organisms

- Explosives and easily flammable substances

- Weapons, ammunition or any other hazardous items

- Animal equipment, cages, aquariums or similar

- Biological material and remains

- All foods

- Liquids inside any container

- Furs

- Items made of marble or porcelain

- Items with a strong smell/odor

- Dirty items

- Tobacco products

- Any item that may be considered dangerous to the transporter, warehouse facility or staff working in the warehouse

- All items that are illegal

- Used mattress toppers

- Items with weight above 70g

The seller is responsible for compliance with these restrictions.

8. Studio picturesWanda takes studio photos of the item you are selling after it has been picked up and stores. We also take photos of things that are sold from storage, with some exceptions. We will not take pictures of:

- Things sold before we have taken studio images

- Small wrapped items

- Items sealed in boxes, like electronics

- Clothing

- Dismantled items will not be mantled for the purpose of photography

Studio photos is currently available in Oslo or Stockholm

9. Transport damages

If you suspect that items have been damaged during transportation you must report this within 24 hours to Wanda. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to check for damages when the item(s) are delivered. Visible damages must be reported without undue delay. If potential damages are reported too late, the Buyer might lose its right to compensation.

Reports about suspected damages due to transportation must be documented through the claim form. The documentation must contain images of the packaging as well as the damage to the item. Wanda has the right to inspect the damages. The compensation cannot be above the stated price paid to the Seller via Wanda.

Maximum compensation is 10 000 NOK/SEK per item.

10. Right of withdrawal

This sales/purchase transaction is between 2 private individuals, as such the right of withdrawal / “angrerett” does not apply.

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